About Nawras

What is Nawras and how can it transform the way you do business?
The Story

Nawras is Arabic for Seagull. Seagulls are clever and intelligent Seabirds and a symbol of Versatility and Practicality.
Seagulls are ship-captains’ and sailors’ best friend, sighting a seagull is a sign of “good news” - that is, approaching the shores.
The characteristics described above also describe Nawras, the service.

Nawras is good news for you (and for every business owner). It offloads the non-business tasks and makes you focus on serving your customer better.
Nawras just works, with minimal intervention besides actually using the service. It’s a true automator.

The Tools

  • Nawras Appointments
  • Nawras Reservations
  • Nawras Payments
  • Pay with Nawras

The Future

Nawras is offered as an online service, with automatic perks including: device-independent accessibility, periodic upgrades and data-loss protection.

Nawras will be always updated and list of enhancement are communicated to our clients with every new release.

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