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Email Payments

Send invoices to your customers through Email with a payment link , once clicked customer will be able to pay you with his debit or credit card

Debit and Credit Cards

To give you and your customers best variety, we support payments through Benefit, CrediMax and PayPal. With more payment options soon

Recurring Invoices

You can define an invoice to be created every period of time, or on a specific day of the month every month.

Mobile Payments

Our payment website is payment friendly, a short payment link will be automatically generated and sent through SMS at your choice

Offline Payments

In order to centralize all of your invoices, our whole invoicing system allows you to register offline payments (Cash, Cheques and Bank transfers) and create invoices that are not necessarily for online payments

Multiple Currencies

You can create an invoice at different currencies than your main currency, online payments currency is subject to Payment Gateway supported currencies but offline payments supports them all.

Payment Reports

Check and Export all previous payments up to 5 years in the past, or check out easy to read charts of your latest payments and soon to-be-due invoices

Customer History

Your customer history and their info will be available for you to search through, you'll be able to check their payments, invoices and summary about their due amounts

Quick Payments

Let your customers pay you quickly on your website without your interference, and it will be automatically listed under their name or they will be asked to provide their information


Recurring Appointments

Schedule repeated appointments on every day, week, month or every week on days of the week you select.

Staff Calendar

Each staff member has their own calendar based on appointment assignment. This allows better filtering and visibility.

Daily Summary

Start your day with beautiful and concise summary of your appointments ahead.

Appointment Reminders

Remind your clients and staff about their upcoming appointments by SMS or Email, along with any changes that happen to the appointment.

Online Booking

Let your clients book your services depending on availability through a website tailored just for you, holidays and working hours can be defined.

Payment Integration

Let your customer pay an fee for booking to guarantee their appointment and help you reduce no-shows. (can be optionally turned off).

Check from Anywhere

Because you won't be sitting 24/7 in front of your computer screen, you can easily access your schedule and appointments from your mobile and email

Email Confirmations

Your customer will receive an email with their appointment as soon as they book, and whether it was a confirmed booking or a request.

Around the clock

Because your receptionist has to sleep at some point, customers will be able to book your service at any time of the day


Capacity Planning

Have a limited numbers of seats? multiple or one seat per person? Reservations application can manage all these for you at real-time

Online Booking

If enabled, your customers will be able to book seats through an online website and choose how many tickets or what tickets type they want.

Ticket Types

You can define multiple ticket types with custom pricing and custom advance fee for each ticket time.

Excel Reports

Easily export your registered clients list to an excel with all details, booking reference and ticket types.

Payment Integration

Your customers can pay an advance (or full) fee to reserve and confirm their booking.


You can turn off online booking for specific events that you want your team to internally manage.

Advance Booking

Specify how many days in advance that you want your booking to be open, you want it at exactly 8 PM a week before opening? you can do that.

Mutli Use

You can use reservations for almost anything "reservable", you want people to pay and reserve a product? reserve seats in a class? or buy a ticket in a tour trip? you can do all of that.


We take zero percentage from your booking fees, and payments are directly processed through the preferred bank

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